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Why Choose Adoption vs. Abortion? 

Choosing adoption vs. abortion can bring a lifetime of love to a child and a family. Find out why some women choose adoption here.

5 Reasons for Adoption Instead of Abortion

If you are wondering “why choose adoption over abortion?” or “why choose abortion over adoption?” one of the best things you can do is talk to an adoption agency. You can get free unplanned pregnancy help from an adoption professional here.

Here are some of the most common reasons for considering adoption instead of abortion:

1. There are no limits on adoption—it’s always an option.

If you are wondering “Should I have an abortion or give up the baby for adoption?” you should know that abortion is limited in several ways, but adoption is always an option.

First, there is a time limit on abortion in most cases. If you find out that you are pregnant months into your pregnancy, it may not be an option. What you choose for your pregnancy is a life-altering decision, and since abortion is only available early in pregnancy, you may feel rushed to decide if you are considering abortion.

Adoption has no time limits though. You can choose adoption the first day you learn of your pregnancy, or even after you have taken home your child and begun parenting. You can also change your mind if you decide you want to parent at any time before you sign the adoption paperwork after the birth of your child.

Safe abortion access is also limited by state laws and availability of medical providers. In some states, you may not have access to safe abortion, and if you do have access, it may require travel—a long drive, flight, or traveling to a specific city. In some states, you also need parental consent if you are below the age of 18.

Adoption can be done from anywhere and may be more accessible if you are a minor.

2. You can give your child a beautiful life with a loving family.

When you choose adoption not abortion, you are creating a life and giving a child a chance at a lifetime of love and opportunity. Adoptive families often wait months or years preparing to parent and hoping to grow their families, and you can choose the perfect family who fits the vision of what you want for a child.

You can also choose whether you want an open or closed adoption—in an open adoption, you can see the beautiful life that you have created. But even if you choose a closed adoption, you will still know that you helped an adoptive family fulfill their dreams, and know that a child will have a loving family that you chose.

3. You worry you may regret an abortion decision or wonder about what-ifs.

Many women do not regret their abortion decision, but some women do. Abortion is a permanent decision— there is no going back. So if you are unsure of whether the decision is truly what you want and what you will want in the future, adoption can allow you to experience pregnancy, and if you choose open adoption, you will be able to see the possibilities of your child’s life unfold, leaving less room for what-ifs.

If you are asking questions like “why give my baby up for adoption and not choose abortion?” it may mean you are unsure of whether abortion is the best choice for you. If you keep feeling uncertain, considering adoption may be a good choice for you.

4. Adoption costs nothing for you, and you can be surrounded by love and support.

If you choose abortion, you will likely need to pay medical expenses for the procedure, and you may have additional expenses such as travel expenses and counseling expenses. Abortion is done in private and is a very personal choice. For some people, it can feel isolating, lonely, or sad. You may experience grief even if you know parenting is not an option for you.

Adoption costs nothing to birth parents. Medical expenses and pregnancy expenses are covered through a combination of assistance programs and support from the adoptive family, and you may even be able to receive assistance with living expenses if you need it.

More importantly though, adoption can open up your life to another family and support system and can surround you with love and support. You can get 24/7 counseling and support services for free, choose and connect with people who are excited to bring your child into their lives, and if you choose open adoption, you can continue a beautiful connection to your child and the loving family that they are a part of in ways that are comfortable for you.

5. You have religious or personal beliefs that don’t align with abortion.

Some women choose adoption instead of abortion because it aligns better with their personal or religious beliefs. Some women feel that making a personal effort to carry their baby to term to bring another family joy will bring them fulfillment and a sense of purpose, and it can be a way to feel more positive about their unplanned pregnancy.

For other women, religious beliefs about when a pregnancy becomes a life or when abortion vs. adoption is appropriate may be at the core of the decision.

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There is no one right way how to deal with an unplanned pregnancy, only the best answer for you in your situation. Whether you choose abortion or adoption in the end, you can get free information here, or get a free consultation from an adoption professional here.

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