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Adoption can be a positive for everyone involved. You can find a brighter future, and place your children in a loving family. Get help and find out how to give children up for adoption here.

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How to Give Children Up for Adoption

Asking how to give children up for adoption can be a brave first step towards a bright future for you and your children.

In this article, we will share the steps available to you as an alternative to parenting. You can also click here to get a free consultation from an adoption professional.

How Do You Put Children Up for Adoption Together?

Giving up children for adoption together works similarly to the process of adoption for one child, but there are some special considerations for adoption for multiple children, like finding a family that is open to a multiple-child placement. You can read more about how to place one child here, and we will cover the differences in putting kids up for adoption together in the steps below.

Step 1: Research and Choose Adoption

Giving kids up for adoption can be a beautiful choice, but it is also a big choice, so many parents take time researching options before committing to the decision. You can read articles like this one or talk to an adoption professional to learn more about the process.

Step 2: Create an Adoption Plan

Adoption can feel like one huge step, but creating an adoption plan can make putting your children up for adoption a step-by-step-process. Your adoption professional can help you make decisions on things like:

This adoption plan will cover other things, including talking about what you might like in an adoptive family, which will help with the next step.

Step 3: Find the Best Family for Your Children

If you are wondering how to give up your children for adoption to a great family, the good news is that there are many families who are waiting to bring children into their families.

Some parents want their children to be the only children in the home, while others prefer more siblings. Some families find it important that their children’s adoptive family has similar religious background or cultural identity. Whatever you are looking for, an professional can help you find a family that fits your ideals.

To find the best possible options, choosing a reputable national agency for your adoption can help you find more opportunities for adoption. Many national adoption agencies have   profiles of waiting adoptive families that you can view at any time. Talking to an adoption professional can be especially important when placing siblings because you will likely want to place children with a family that is comfortable with taking siblings together.

Step 4: Build a Bond with Your Child’s Parents in Open Adoption

Once you have found the perfect family for your adoption, the next step of how to put children up for adoption is building a bond with your children’s adoptive parents.

Since adoption is your choice, you are empowered to get to know adoptive families as you are comfortable. Some adoptive families and birth parents become close through the process of open adoption, while other birth parents are more comfortable having less contact with an adoptive family in a semi-open or closed adoption.

You can choose the form of adoption that is most comfortable for you. Since giving up kids for adoption can be an emotional decision for both you and your children, you can consider factors like research on the effects of adoption on children and the grief process to decide the best option for you.

Step 5: Legal Adoption Process

Once you have gotten to know the family you have chosen, the next step is the legal adoption process. If you are pregnant, this will happen after you have given birth. If you are putting children up for adoption who are already newborns or older, the legal steps of adoption can be taken at any time, so long as you follow your state’s adoption laws. An adoption professional, along with the help of an adoption attorney, can help you understand your state’s laws and requirements to make sure that your adoption is successful.

Step 6: Post-Placement Relationship

The last step in how to put children up for adoption is to keep up with the relationship expectations that you decided on during the adoption process. If you choose an open adoption, this can mean:

In closed or semi-open adoptions, you may choose some of these options and choose not to have others. Most parents choose at least picture and letter updates.

First Steps

We understand the importance of keeping siblings together. If you still have questions about putting kids up for adoption or are ready to take that first step towards giving your children an amazing life, contact an adoption professional today to get started.