If You Give Your Baby Up for Adoption Can You Get It Back

If You Give Your Baby Up for Adoption, Can You Get it Back?

Your emotions can make you feel like you’re on a roller coaster during your adoption. But, one feeling that you might not have expected is the desire to get your baby back after the adoption. So, what should you do if you feel this way?

Adoption is an incredibly hard decision to make, and you might go through different emotional phases during your adoption plan. Because adoption isn’t a decision that you can, nor should, make in a hurry, it’s normal to continue asking yourself if adoption is right for you long after you’ve filled out the initial paperwork.

These tentative feelings can lead to you asking some big questions about your post-adoption experience, such as:

How can I get my child back after adoption?

If the adoptive family breaks their contract, can I get my child back?

In most situations, you won’t be able to or it will be very difficult to “get your baby back” after signing your adoption consent. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you’re 100 percent confident in your decision before signing your consent.

With that being said, you do have the option to change your mind before terminating your parental rights and moving forward with the adoption process. If you’re wondering, “Can you get your baby back after adoption?” here are the three different times in your pregnancy where this option is still available to you.

If You Decide to Give a Baby Up for Adoption Before It’s Born, Can You Change Your Mind?

Changing your mind about adoption before the baby is born is more than possible.

Contacting an adoption agency to learn more about your options for an unplanned pregnancy does not mean that you’ll be obligated to follow through until the very end. You can contact an adoption hotline at any time and rest assured that the adoption specialist on the other line won’t force you into an adoption plan.

Your adoption specialist will be there guiding you throughout the process to help you make sure that this is the right decision for you. If you decide to change your mind and parent at some point along the way, your adoption specialist can connect you to different resources for your parenting journey.

If a Mother Gives Up a Baby at Birth for Adoption, How Long Does She Have to Change Her Mind at the Hospital?

You still have plenty of time to change your mind about adoption, even if you’re at the hospital. It is never too late to choose parenting at the hospital, just as it is never too late to choose adoption.

You might be wondering, “What happens if you give your baby up for adoption and decide to keep it?”

Because your adoption decision can take longer than you might imagine, you might not know if you’re ready for the process until the birth of your child. Because of this, most states have a period of time you must wait before you can consent to the adoption.

You can take this waiting time to both recover from your delivery and consider your adoption decision. At this point, you still have plenty of time if you’re having second thoughts about your choice. Your adoption specialist can support you through this emotional time.

Whenever you are ready to sign your consent to the adoption, your adoption specialist and adoption attorney will have the papers ready for you.

If You Give Your Baby Up for Adoption, How Long Do You Have to Get Her Back?

If you’ve already placed your baby for adoption and you’re unsure if you made the right decision, you may have some big questions, including:

How long before you give a baby up for adoption is it permanent?

If you give your baby up for adoption when they are born, then a few years later want them back, is that possible?

If you’re thinking about “giving a baby up” for a while then getting it back, you’ll first need to understand your state laws and revocation period. Most states have what a legal period of revocation. This means that, if you place your child for adoption and regret your decision, you can appeal to the court to reinstate your parental rights within a certain amount of time or if you’ve met certain conditions. The court will only reinstate your parental rights if it’s in the best interest of yourself and your baby. Your adoption attorney will make sure to explain how long you have to revoke your consent according to your state laws.

Before you revoke your consent to the adoption, it’s important that you’re 100 percent sure that you want to proceed and that this is the best option for yourself and your baby. You should think about questions like:

You can always talk to your adoption specialist about the possibility of revoking your consent and what to expect during the process. They can help you determine if you’re ready for the emotions that come with parenting, or if what you’re feeling is a normal part of the grief and loss process.

 What is Temporary Guardianship?

If you’re considering adoption because you’re hoping to get your baby back later on, you might want to look into a temporary guardianship. With a temporary guardianship, you can still pick who you want to care for your child just like a newborn adoption. You’ll also be able to decide how long the guardian should care for them depending on your situation. If you are struggling to find a job that will take care of all of your needs or find stable housing for yourself and your child, a temporary guardianship can give you the time you need to get your life back on track.

It should be noted, however, that a temporary guardianship will not terminate your parental rights. You will still be able to reclaim full custody of your child after the temporary guardianship is over.

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