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Choosing adoption for a teenage pregnancy can be a brave step that can bring you, your pregnancy, and a hopeful adoptive family a bright future. Find out how.

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Adoption for Teenage Pregnancy 

An unexpected pregnancy as a teenager can bring questions and uncertainty—choosing adoption for teenage pregnancy is a brave and loving choice, and the option is always available to you.

If you’re wondering how to give your baby up for adoption underage, you can contact an adoption professional to get the answers you need.

Being a teenager can be hard enough without factoring in unplanned pregnancy. But you don’t have to do this alone. Continue reading below to learn more about teen mom adoption.

I’m a Teenager and Considering Giving My Baby Up for Adoption—What Should I Do First?

Choosing adoption for teenage pregnancy can be a brave and beautiful choice, but the top priority should always be your health. Schedule an appointment with your personal physician to determine if you are pregnant. If a pregnancy is confirmed, you can begin exploring your unplanned pregnancy options.

How to Put a Baby Up for Adoption if You are a Teen

Giving a child up for adoption as a teen is not an easy choice, but it can be a brave choice that can help you build a bright future for yourself and your child, and can be a way to bring joy into the life of a family who has been waiting for a child.

Learning the steps of teen mom adoption can help you decide whether adoption is the best choice for your situation. You can read the steps below, or get a free consultation with an adoption professional here.

Step 1: Choose Adoption

Only you know the best path for yourself and your pregnancy. Empowering yourself with knowledge and considering the pros and cons of teenage adoption can help you make the best choice for you. You can also get free counseling 24/7 from adoption hotlines like these ones:

Step 2: Find an Adoption Professional

Finding an adoption professional at an adoption agency is the next step. Your adoption professional will provide you with counseling and support, help you access resources you need, and will help you find the perfect adoptive family for your child, so choosing a reputable agency is important for your journey. You can see a list of the best adoption agencies for teenage pregnancy help here.

Step 3: Make an Adoption Plan

Once you are in contact with an adoption professional, they will help you make plans for your adoption. These plans can include:

Step 4: Find the Best Family for Your Child and Build a Bond

Once your adoption plan is in place, your adoption professional can help you find a family that fits your vision of what a perfect adoptive family looks like. Choosing a larger, national adoption agency can mean that you have more options to choose from when it comes to your child’s adoptive family.

Once you’ve found the perfect family, you can get to know them as much as you would like before the birth of your child.

Step 5: Birth and Legal Steps of Adoption

At the time of your child’s birth, you will follow the plans you made with your adoption professional, and work with a lawyer and your adoption professional to complete paperwork that allows the adoptive family to be legally recognized as your child’s parents. Your adoption professional can help you through these steps as you complete your teen mom adoption.

Step 6: Continue Your Lifelong Bond

Beyond birth, you will stay in contact with your child and adoptive family using the plans you made before the adoption. Most parents choose to have at least picture and letter updates, while some opt for more contact, like phone calls, video calls, or even scheduled visits.

Pros of Giving Your Child Up for Adoption While a Teenager

Adoption is beautiful, but it isn’t always right for everyone. Here we will share some of the pros and cons of teenage pregnancy adoption to help you weigh whether this choice is the best option for you.


  1. If you are continuing schooling, you won’t have the additional stress that comes with parenting
  2. Financial planning will become easier
  3. Freedom to explore life paths
  4. Developing independence as an adult
  5. Being able to see your child grow up in a loving family


  1. If you are ready to parent, this is an opportunity
  2. Adoption is a permanent decision
  3. You will likely experience grief

 If you’re considering adoption for teenage pregnancy, this is an option for you. You can speak with an adoption professional to get the assistance you need.