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Your adoption support system will be there for you in your hardest moments. Find out how to build a support system now.

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How to Build an Adoption Support System

7 Steps

When you choose adoption, you can give a child a lifetime of love and opportunity, but the journey often begins during a difficult period in your life. Finding a support system means that you will have comfort and encouragement throughout your journey and beyond so that you can build the life you imagine.

Read on to learn how to build your support system. An adoption agency can be a vital part of your support system—you can get help from an adoption professional now by clicking here.

Step 1: Find an Adoption Agency

At the start of your adoption journey, even if you are unsure of who else will be on your support team, you can count on an adoption professional to support you and provide adoption and unplanned pregnancy counseling.

Adoption professionals are trained to help women through any difficulties in their pregnancy and adoption journey, and some adoption agencies even offer 24/7 support lines.

Your adoption agency can also offer important services during your pregnancy, including:

Step 2: Find Your Medical Team

Finding your medical team is another big step in the process of finding adoption support. This step should come early on in your pregnancy journey, as you will need to confirm your pregnancy with a pregnancy test and get regular medical check-ups throughout your pregnancy.

Finding a great doctor early on can mean that you will be comfortable with your medical support team during your checkups and when the time comes to give birth. That means that you can ask any questions and get help anytime you need it.

Step 3: Consider Your Partner or Second Parent

Often one of the first people you might talk to when you choose adoption is your partner or the second parent of your pregnancy. Since the adoption process can affect both of you, it may be a time to lean on each other. They also may play a role in helping you make the important decision of what is best for your pregnancy.

Many women who choose adoption are not in close touch with the second parent of their child.  If that is the case, other people in your support system can be there for you.

Step 4: Consider Family

If you have close family, they may be some of your best advocates and sources of support during your pregnancy. Regular visits with supportive family can make you more comfortable during your pregnancy and can help you through any difficulties you might experience.

When you think of family, you might think of your parents, siblings, cousins, or grandparents first, but if you have chosen adoptive parents for your child, they can also be a source of support during your pregnancy. If you choose open adoption, you can get to know your child’s adoptive parents before you give birth, and it is a great sign when you feel supported and cared for by your child’s adoptive family.

Step 5: Consider Friends

For some people, friends or “chosen family” can be the best support around. Having friends who are supportive of you and show up during your adoption journey can deepen your bond and help you get through any difficult moments along your journey.

Step 6: Consider Religious or Spiritual Help

If you are religious or spiritual, getting help and support from your faith community may give you strength during your adoption journey. Especially if you choose adoption due to spiritual or religious beliefs, you may find a community that wants to uplift you on your adoption journey.

Step 7: Look for Support Groups or Community Help

If you ask around, you may be surprised to find that more people are affected by adoption than you might expect. Finding other people who have been affected by adoption, especially other birth parents, can help you find peace and feel like you are a part of a community.

If you don’t know anyone personally who is affected by adoption, you can also seek out community support groups in person or online. A local therapist may have support group information for birth parents in your area.

For other necessities, like medical care, food, housing, or counseling, you can seek local support and get recommendations and help from your adoption professional.

Build Your Support Team Now

If you’re ready to begin your adoption journey, we’re here to be a shoulder to lean on. You can fill out this online form to get connected with an adoption professional who can support you 24/7.