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Facing An Unplanned Pregnancy

Whether you choose parenting, adoption, or abortion, you can find resources for unplanned pregnancy financial assistance on this page.

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Find Financial Assistance for Unplanned Pregnancy

In addition to the emotional and physical effects of finding out you are pregnant, you might also be facing the challenge of dealing with an unplanned pregnancy with no money. If you’re in this situation, you may ask: Where can I find financial help during my pregnancy?

Fortunately, there are multiple options for financial assistance for pregnant women like you as you decide on the best course of action. Whether you choose parenting, adoption, or abortion, you can find resources for financial support during pregnancy in the sections below.

Financial Assistance for Women Choosing Parenthood

If you are looking for financial help for pregnant mothers, your insurance is a good place to start. Many insurance programs cover a variety of costs for mothers. If you have private insurance, check with your provider to see if your policy will provide coverage and help with maternity costs like medical bills.

Here are a few of the things you will want to consider about your insurance as a form of financial aid for your pregnancy:

If you do not have private insurance, then you may consider applying for Medicaid if you have not already. This program supports low-income individuals and families who are not insured. Therefore, it provides many single pregnant mothers assistance with the medical costs of pregnancy.

If you are considering applying for income support while pregnant, you will most likely need to have the following to qualify for Medicaid:

Finally, you might have the option of Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) or other state-funded coverage. Through federal grants, states can assist low-income mothers and children up to five years old. The WIC program also offers financial support for pregnant mothers, and breastfeeding and non-breastfeeding post-partum women.

Find your local WIC office to receive more information:

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Financial Assistance for Women Considering Adoption

Perhaps you are pregnant and need help with bills. The medical and practical costs you’re incurring may cause you to question whether you can afford raising your child if you can barely afford your pregnancy. In this situation, you may be considering adoption as the best option for you and your unborn baby.

If you choose to place your baby for adoption, you may be able to receive financial aid for pregnancy- and adoption-related expenses. Some of the costs you may have covered include:

Allowable expenses are determined by each state, as well as your personal situation. For example, teenage pregnancy financial help is often less than pregnancy financial support is for single mothers who already have a child they are raising; this is because a pregnant teenager may still be living at home and does not have the same living expenses as a woman supporting herself and other children on her own.

Contact a local adoption professional in your area or a national adoption agency to learn more about your options for adoption-related financial support during pregnancy.

Financial Assistance for Women Considering Abortion

If you don’t want to seek out financial help during your pregnancy and would prefer to avoid the costs of pregnancy altogether, you may consider abortion. However, this unplanned pregnancy option does come with its own costs.

Abortion typically costs between $300 and $950. Depending on your situation, you may be able to receive financial assistance to cover part or all of these costs. Below, you can find some of the sources to contact about abortion funding:

If you have private insurance, your policy may cover parts of your abortion costs. Federal Medicaid policies cannot cover the costs of abortion except in cases of life endangerment, rape or incest. State Medicaid policies on the coverage of abortion vary.

Additionally, many abortion providers will work with you to find a solution to finance your abortion.

Additional Resources

The following resources can help women with additional questions or concerns they may have regarding financial assistance and income support during pregnancy and after birth:

You can also locate pregnancy centers near you for more information.