The Rising Costs of Raising a Child

According to an August 2013 article in USA Today, the average cost to raise a child (born in 2012) until the age of 17 is $217,000 to $500,000 – and that doesn’t even include savings for college!

The greatest share of these expenses is housing, which is 30 percent of the total. Child care and education come in next at 18 percent, and food follows at 16 percent.

Since 2008 with the downturn of the economy, many families have penny-pinched like never before to provide their children with the necessities.

Is Single Parenting Right for Me?

Modern day mothering isn’t as easy as it looks. It’s natural to want to have children and raise a family. Nature seems to work that way, and most people flow along that course, finding themselves married one day with children of their own.

But parenting seems to be easier for some people than it is for others. Maybe it is a matter of timing.

As Motherhood Comes: How to Prepare

Have you ever jumped up and down on a trampoline? It bounces because of the springs that connect the stretched fabric to the outer frame. If you become a single parent, you could be a bit like that trampoline. With support from friends and family, you will find that you can be flexible, strong and more able to bounce back from challenges. If you try to go it alone or without a proper plan, you may find yourself feeling flimsy and weak. Because a support structure is so important to single parents, you will want to plan to have each “spring” of your support structure in place as you need it.