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Should I keep my baby or give them up for adoption? That’s a question only you can answer. However, you can learn more about parenting vs. adoption here.

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Unplanned Pregnancy and Parenting vs. Adoption

Both parenting and adoption are noble paths. There’s no “right” answer, only what’s right for you.

Have you already determined that adoption is the right choice for you? Contact an adoption professional to get the process started.

But, if you’re debating parenting vs. adoption, continue reading our guide to learn about these two unplanned pregnancy options.

Parenting vs. Adoption: 3 Things to Consider

If you’re wondering, “Am I ready to be a parent?” or thinking, “I’m pregnant but not ready for another baby,” know you aren’t alone. Deciding to embrace parenthood or add to your family is a big decision.

Deciding between parenting vs. adoption is a personal choice that can be made simpler when you consider the following.

1. Consider Your Financial Situation

Parenthood is expensive. And while government resources can help you, consider the out-of-pocket expenses you’ll have to cover during your pregnancy and throughout your child’s life.

If you’re considering parenting vs. adoption, sit down and make a budget and check out local resources like the following:

Also, consider reaching out to a local parenting resource center or checking the National Parent Helpline to find more support.

You Don’t Have to Pay for Adoption

Even with as much preparation as possible, the financial task of raising a child is sometimes too daunting. Adoption may be a solution if you’re worried about the costs of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting.

When you choose adoption, you can receive adoption financial assistance to cover expenses like:

Adoption will always be free to you. And, while you should never choose adoption because you feel financial pressure, it can be a viable path if your answer to the question, “Am I ready to be a parent,” is no.

2. Consider if You’re Ready for Parenthood

Choosing between parenting vs. adoption is about more than just the practical aspects. It’s also about the emotional ones.

Upon finding out you’re pregnant, you may discover that you’re ready for parenthood and its ups and downs. But, if you know you’re not ready to parent a child, that’s okay, too.

If you aren’t sure how you feel, reach out to an unplanned pregnancy counselor. These professionals will walk you through your emotions and help you identify the right path for you.

3. Consider What You Want for Your Future

When you face an unplanned pregnancy, people will always be ready to give their opinions about what you should do. But the only one who can make this decision is you. You’ll need to evaluate how you really feel about each option — not just how you think you’re supposed to feel — before you decide what’s right for you.

You could be pregnant but not ready for another baby or not ready for a baby but pregnant; whether you choose parenting vs. adoption is up to you.

Why People Choose Adoption Instead of Keeping the Baby

When many people find out they’re pregnant, they don’t even think about adoption as an option. This is for several reasons, but many people still misunderstand adoption.

The Benefits of Choosing Adoption

Adoption offers many advantages to expectant parents.

Considering Open Adoption

As the birth mother, you’ll have the opportunity to make your adoption as open as you’d like. You will always have the chance to be part of your child’s life and watch them grow up when you choose open adoption.

Contact an Adoption Professional to Learn More About Parenting vs. Adoption

Reach out to the professionals below anytime for free adoption counseling. There’s no obligation to choose adoption instead of keeping your baby. Choosing parenting vs. adoption is solely up to you.

Do you still have questions about adoption? Contact us to get connected with an adoption professional today.