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Facing An Unplanned Pregnancy

Where can you find unplanned pregnancy help? There are several professionals who offer free, confidential unexpected pregnancy advice for women in your situation.

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Unplanned Pregnancy Help Guide: Answers, Advice, and Resources

You’ve seen the symptoms, you’ve taken the pregnancy tests, and you’ve seen a doctor – you know without a doubt that you’re pregnant. But now you’re left with a host of new questions: Is this real? How did this happen? Where do I go for unplanned pregnancy help? What am I going to do?

The answers you’re looking for are out there – and you don’t have to find them alone. The information on this page will give you the facts, guidance, and resources you need to take your first steps after discovering an unplanned pregnancy. Help for you is right ahead.

“Help — I’m Pregnant!”

If you find yourself in this situation, the first thing you need to do is take a deep breath. Facing an unplanned pregnancy is something no one ever imagines having to do, and it is certainly overwhelming for everyone, no matter their circumstances. After all, an unplanned pregnancy is exactly that — unplanned — and it can be difficult to know where to go from here.

Fortunately, there is plenty of unplanned pregnancy help and unplanned pregnancy advice out there for women like you. About 46 percent of all pregnancies in the United States are unplanned, which means there are many women in your same situation and looking for help for their pregnancy and advice on what to do next.

Understanding Your Unplanned Pregnancy Options

When you begin to seek unwanted pregnancy advice, it’s very important to have the facts. While professionals can always offer unexpected pregnancy help and information on unplanned pregnancy options, women facing an unplanned pregnancy should also take steps to know the basics before seeking out more details.

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you have the option to terminate the pregnancy, place the child for adoption, or parent the child. Below, you can find some basic information on your unplanned pregnancy options.


Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy through a medical or surgical intervention. In most cases, the process of obtaining an abortion is simple and safe for healthy women. However, an abortion can usually only be obtained up to 14 weeks into a pregnancy. Because this is a time-sensitive option, you should not delay seeking unplanned pregnancy help and counseling if you are considering abortion.


Adoption is the placement of a child with an adoptive family of your choice. If you do not wish to obtain an abortion but do not feel ready to be a parent, you can work with an adoption professional to find adoptive parents before the baby is born. Over the course of your pregnancy, you will have the opportunity to get to know the parents and determine what kind of relationship you want after the baby arrives. Adoption is always free to pregnant women, and you will always receive unplanned pregnancy advice as part of your adoption process.


As you know, parenting is the choice to raise your child after you give birth to them. There are many ways to parent a child: as a single parent, with your baby’s birth father, with the assistance of your family, and more. Raising a child is a great commitment that lasts at least 18 years and requires patience, love, and wholehearted commitment to being a parent.

Finding Unplanned Pregnancy Help

When you are looking for unexpected pregnancy advice, it’s important to recognize that some people who offer you advice may have their own agenda. This will include everyone from adoption professionals to your own friends and family. Regardless of the unplanned pregnancy help you receive, you will always have the right to choose whatever unplanned pregnancy option you believe is right for you.

There are many places you can go for information, assistance, and additional resources as you search for unplanned pregnancy help. It’s important to evaluate the professional offering unexpected pregnancy advice to recognize any biases they may have and keep those in mind while speaking to them or obtaining information from their website.

Unplanned Pregnancy Options Counselors

One of the best places you can find pregnancy help for you is an unplanned pregnancy options counselor. These counselors are usually trained social workers who will provide free, confidential advice and counseling for women facing unplanned pregnancies. They can walk you through all of your unplanned pregnancy options and provide objective information about each based on the personal information you provide.

Unplanned pregnancy options counselors should not try to sway you to one choice or another; they should genuinely wish to help you find the unplanned pregnancy option that is best for your situation.

Know that many of these counselors are based out of adoption agencies, where they offer free, confidential unplanned pregnancy help to many women — whether or not these women decide to place their babies for adoption. You will never be obligated to choose adoption if you contact an options counselor from an adoption agency, but they can provide the expert and knowledgeable unwanted pregnancy help you may desire.

You can obtain unexpected pregnancy advice from options counselors at:

Informational Websites

Talking to someone about your unplanned pregnancy may be a bit overwhelming at this point — and that’s okay. There are plenty of online resources that can offer the information and unplanned pregnancy advice you need to start making your decision.

Again, keep in mind that some websites may be run by professionals with a certain agenda. As you should with all information on the internet, take the time to evaluate any unplanned pregnancy help you find and double-check it against other sources for objectivity.

For information about all of your unplanned pregnancy options, is a great resource. You can find detailed articles about every aspect of parenting, adoption and abortion across our site.

There are also certain sites that specialize in information regarding one unplanned pregnancy option. We’ve selected a few sites we trust below:




Wherever you find unplanned pregnancy help, remember that you are never obligated to make a choice until you are confident it is the right one for you. An unplanned pregnancy is certainly a complicated and emotional situation but, in searching for help when pregnant, you are taking the first responsible steps to ensuring you do what is best for you.