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There are no requirements for putting a child up for adoption—adoption is always an option. Get help here.

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Requirements for Putting a Child Up for Adoption

If you are exploring the best path for yourself and your pregnancy, making an adoption plan can be a brave step, and there are no requirements for putting a child up for adoption. The choice is available to you no matter what your journey has been. You can get help now from an adoption professional.

How Can I Give My Baby Up for Adoption?

Placing a baby for adoption is a big decision, but the steps of adoption can break down the process so that it is manageable, and there is help available to you at every step.

Step 1: Decide if Adoption is the Path for You

Step 2: Find an Adoption Agency

Step 3: Make an Adoption Plan

Step 4: Choose a Great Family and Get to Know Them

Step 5: Delivery and Legal Steps of Adoption

Step 6: Continue Building Your Bond in an Open Adoption

Can I Give My Child Up for Adoption if I Am Married?

Yes, adoption is an option if you are married. You can get help from an adoption professional here to find out how you and your partner can choose adoption. Couples choose adoption for a variety of reasons—whether the timing is not right, your family is complete, or you are lacking the support to parent another child, or any other reason, adoption can be a path to a hopeful and positive future for you, your child and a hopeful adoptive family.

Can You Put a Baby Up for Adoption if You are Not Legally an Adult?

Yes, if you are a minor you can still choose adoption. People who choose adoption sometimes make the choice because they have educational goals or life goals that they want to pursue before they choose to parent.

Can I Give My Baby Up for Adoption if I Am Older?

Yes, you can place a baby for adoption no matter what your age is. Some families choose to place a baby for adoption because their family is complete or if the timing is not right for them to parent. Placing a baby with a loving family can mean bringing the joy of a child to a family who has been waiting to grow their own family.

Can Anyone Give a Child Up for Adoption?

Yes, anyone can give a child up for adoption. There are no restrictions on who can give a child up for adoption. You can talk to an adoption specialist or make an adoption plan at any time.

What are the Legalities of Giving a Baby Up for Adoption?

There are both state and federal laws that determine the legal steps that you will need to take for your adoption. The state rules of giving your child up for adoption will have an impact on the exact timeline of adoption, but in most cases, you will give consent to the adoption after the birth of your child, and once you have consented, the choice is permanent.

Since these laws vary from state to state, it is best to get professional help from an adoption agency or adoption lawyer.

What are the Age Qualifications to Put a Child Up for Adoption?

You can place a child for adoption at any age. You can make an adoption plan any time during a pregnancy, and after you give birth, it is still possible to place your baby for adoption. An adoption professional can help you no matter what stage of the decision-making process you are in.

If you’re dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and are considering adoption for your baby, just know the only requirement for adoption is that you feel this is what’s best for you and your baby. You can reach out to an adoption professional today to get started.