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If you have been wondering how hard it is to put a new born baby up for adoption, the answer is, it depends. We will walk you through some common scenarios and how you can get help.

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How Easy is Putting a Baby Up for Adoption?

Unplanned pregnancies can be difficult, but choosing adoption can mean a lifetime of love for a child and a family. You can get support for your adoption decision from an adoption professional here and read more about the process below.

Is it Hard to Put a Baby Up for Adoption?

The process of putting a baby up for adoption is delicate and in most cases it requires professional help. You may need help from medical professionals, lawyers, social workers, advertising and unplanned pregnancy counselors for your adoption services.

 If you begin the process without support, it is not always straightforward to find a great family and fill out the necessary paperwork.

In most cases, it is recommended that you contact an adoption agency, who can help you complete the necessary steps.

Is it Easy to Give a Baby Up for Adoption with an Agency?

Having an adoption agency will absolutely help you with the adoption process, and in some cases, your adoption agency may provide extensive support, which means that the process can be simple for you and you will feel fully supported.

You can get help from an adoption professional here.

Is Choosing Adoption Really ‘Giving Up’?

Absolutely not. While the term “give up” or “put up” is commonly used to refer to adoptions, most adoption professionals prefer “place” for adoption because it acknowledges the intentional effort of birth parents to give their child the best life possible.

Birth parents often experience grief, but choose to place their child because they know it will be the best possible option for their child. If you choose adoption, you are not giving up, you are making a brave choice, and to your child and their adoptive family, you are a hero for making the decision selflessly.

Is it Difficult to Give Up a Baby for Adoption Emotionally?

While the process of adoption is step-by-step, the emotions that come with placing your child for adoption can be more complex. It is normal to experience a whole range of emotions during adoptions, including sadness, peace, anger, relief, loss, and many other emotions.

Most parents who place a child for adoption experience some amount of grief, but the knowledge that you did your best to give your child and an adoptive family a happy life is a comfort to many parents, as is the ability to see their child grow up in a loving family.

How Hard is it to Put a New Born Baby Up for Adoption?

The process of putting a new born baby up for adoption can be easy with a great support team. In fact, at some agencies, almost all adoptions are infant adoptions. You can create an adoption plan, find the perfect adoptive family during your pregnancy, and find peace of mind knowing that your child will have a loving and supportive family waiting as soon as they are born.

Is it Hard to Give Your Baby Up for Adoption if You are Already Parenting?

Even if you have already taken your baby home and are currently parenting, you can still choose adoption. The process is the same whether you choose adoption at birth or after.

However, it may be a different experience for you. For example, if you choose adoption after parenting, you may have formed a bond with your child. On the other hand, you may also be more aware of the responsibilities necessary to parent, and feel like there are fewer unknowns.

Whether you choose adoption before or after your child is born, your emotions and choices are valid and there is support available to you.

How Hard is it to Give a Baby Up for Adoption if You are Younger than 18?

If you are under age 18, adoption is still possible. Depending on your state, it may be possible to choose adoption without parental consent, and in some cases, it may be easier to choose adoption without parental consent than to get an abortion without parental consent. Get help from an adoption professional here.

How Hard is it to Give Up a Child for Adoption Without the Father?

If you are pregnant and the father of your pregnancy is not in contact with you or unknown, it is still possible to choose adoption. Depending on your state laws, one or multiple steps may need to be taken, but if you work with a great adoption agency, they will be familiar with your state laws and work with a lawyer to make sure that your adoption runs smoothly. Click here to contact an adoption professional now.

How Hard is it to Find Adoptive Parents?

It can be easy to find adoptive parents if you choose to work with an adoption agency that has waiting families. Some adoption agencies have written or video profiles that you can look through to find the perfect adoptive parents for your child. We’ve partnered with an adoption agency to share some profiles here.

If you look for adoptive parents on your own or with a smaller agency, it can be harder to find the perfect adoptive family. You will be responsible for screening families yourself if you try to find families on your own, and if you work with a smaller agency, you may have fewer options

Is it Easy to Put a Baby Up for Adoption if You Decide to at Birth?

Yes. The process of adoption can start as soon as you know that you are pregnant, but even if you wait until the birth of your child, the process is still simple with the help of an adoption agency.

How Easy is it to Get Started With Adoption?

It is very easy to get started with the adoption process. You can get help as soon as you contact an adoption professional. From the moment you’re connected with an adoption professional, you’ll have 24/7 support from start to finish.