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Choosing someone you know to adopt your child can be possible. Find out what it takes and whether identified adoption is a good choice for you.

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Identified Adoption

If you choose to place your child for adoption with someone you know, it is called an identified adoption. Identified adoption might seem like a perfect opportunity for both of you, but before you jump into an adoption arrangement, there are important considerations for your family and theirs.

You can read on to learn about how to put a child up for adoption if you know who you want to give the child to, or talk to an adoption professional for free here.

Can You Give Your Baby Up for Adoption to Someone You Know?

Yes. This is a process known as identified adoption. While this is certainly an option for you, there are certain aspects you will consider if you are wondering about what is required to give a child up for adoption to someone you know.



Perhaps the largest disadvantage of choosing identified adoption is that families who choose identified adoption sometimes also choose independent adoption.

Working with an adoption agency can help you through many of the more nuanced parts of adoption. If you are interested in identified adoption, you can get in contact with an adoption agency here. In many cases adoption agencies can help you with your adoption if you already have an adoptive family picked out.

If I Know Who I Want to Adopt My Unborn Baby, Do I Need an Agency?

If you’re wondering “How can a person I know adopt my unborn baby?” you can do this with or without an adoption agency. Independent adoptions are adoptions that occur without the help of an adoption agency. The birth parents and adoptive parents work directly with each other and hire out individual service providers for different parts of their adoption.

This can include:

While families often choose independent adoption to save the adoptive family money, these individual fees can sometimes add up to be more than if you work with a full-service adoption agency. Adoption agencies also coordinate services to support birth parents and adoptive parents.

Some of these services can include:

Pros of Independent Adoption

Cons of Independent Adoption

Do I Save Money If I Know Who I Want to Adopt My Unborn Baby

It is worth noting that if you work with an adoption agency, in almost all cases you will not be expected to cover any expenses as a birth parent. Adoption agencies consider choosing adoption for your baby as a selfless act, and will work hard to get you the help you need during your pregnancy, especially if you are experiencing any difficulties.

If there are any cost savings in an identified adoption, it will usually be a benefit for the adoptive family, and in some cases it can come at the expense of you not getting services that may benefit you. Consider closely whether you would like an independent adoption or an adoption through an agency.

To get help from an adoption agency, you can fill out a contact form here and an adoption professional will reach out.