Although unplanned pregnancy affects millions of women every year, it can sometimes be difficult to find media that addresses the situation all these women face. But those resources are out there for you, and you can find a lot of them on this page.

Whether you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy or wanting to learn more about it, the materials here will help to give you a deeper perspective of unplanned pregnancy.

Books About Unplanned Pregnancy

Whether you’re looking for an entertaining read or medical information about pregnancy, the reading suggestions here will help you find what you want:

Movies About Unplanned Pregnancy

Movies can do a great job of capturing the issues encountered by women facing unplanned pregnancies. Here are just a few suggestions for unplanned pregnancy movies:

  • Juno – A high school student finds herself pregnant and plans to place the baby for adoption. As she moves through her pregnancy, she has to navigate her relationships and learn what family really means to her.
  • Obvious Child – After a one-night stand, a stand-up comic soon learns that she is pregnant. Over the course of several weeks, she contemplates abortion, a budding relationship, and her future.
  • Waitress – A young woman becomes pregnant by her abusive husband. As she prepares to have a baby, she battles feelings of ambivalence about her pregnancy and her future with her husband.
  • The Abortion Diaries – This documentary gives the perspectives of 12 different women on their experiences with abortion.
  • Closure – A documentary about a woman finding her birth family, this film offers a lot of insight for anyone who does not know much about adoption.

Additional Resources About Unplanned Pregnancy

If you’re not in the mood for books or movies, here is some media that you can take on the go:

Many healthcare clinics, adoption agencies, and counselors can also provide you with reading or viewing material regarding unplanned pregnancy. For more suggestions, contact a professional in your area. And remember, as these books, movies, and other resources show – you’re never alone.