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Learning your legal rights is essential to having a successful adoption. But, it may be challenging to know where to get started. Here are some of the most common questions women like you have about birth mother adoption rights.

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What are Birth Mother Adoption Rights?

All prospective birth mothers are in charge of their baby’s adoption. Your adoption professional will work to ensure all of your birth mother adoption rights are upheld.

You can talk to an adoption professional to start your adoption journey today.

In the meantime, continue reading our birth mother rights FAQ to learn more.

Question 1: Can I Change My Mind During the Adoption Process?

Yes. One of the most critical birth mother adoption rights you have is to change your mind during the adoption process up until the adoption finalization.

Adoption is a brave, selfless decision that allows you to give your child a future full of opportunity. You may experience feelings of uncertainty during the process. These thoughts are normal, and your adoption professional can help you work through your emotions. Your professional will listen to your concerns and help you determine if adoption is still the best path for you.

Question 2: Can I Choose the Adoptive Family?

Yes! Another one of the most important adoption rights you have is choosing your baby’s adoptive family.

How to Choose the Adoptive Family That’s Right for Your Child

One of the first things your adoption professional will have you fill out is a form that details the preferences you’d like to see in an adoptive family. You’ll be able to decide their age, race, and more.

No matter your situation, as part of your birth mother rights, you will get to decide what kind of family you want for your child. Consider asking yourself these questions:

When it comes to finding an adoptive family, no request is too small. Your adoption professional will work diligently to find you the perfect adoptive family for your child.

Is There any Circumstance Where I Can’t Choose my Baby’s Adoptive Family?

The only time a birth mother won’t have a say in the adoptive family is if she chooses a safe haven adoption or if the state takes custody of her child (this is most common in adoptions with incarcerated mothers). In this instance, the state will decide the family that your child grows up with.

Question 3: Can I Choose How Much Contact I Want With My Child After the Adoption?

You can have as much or as little contact as you’d like with your child after the adoption. This will always be one of your adoption birth mother rights.

As part of your prospective birth mother rights in open adoption, you can choose how often and the type of future communication you’ll have with your child.

You can exchange pictures, letters, phone calls, and even schedule visits with one another.

The following are the three types of adoption you can choose:

Question 4: Can I Wait to Sign my Consent to the Adoption?

No matter where you live, you cannot give your child up for adoption without giving up your birth mother rights first. Each state has unique consent laws concerning how long you can wait before signing over your parental rights. 

In most cases, it can be anywhere from 12 hours to a couple of days. Your adoption attorney will tell you how long you have before you can sign away your parental birth mother rights.

Question 5: Can I Change My Mind After Consenting to the Adoption?

In most cases you cannot change your mind about adoption after terminating your birth mother rights. Your attorney will ensure you understand what you are signing before you make this permanent decision.

However, most states have a revocation period after you terminate your parental birth mother rights. If the court finds that reinstating your parental rights is in the best interest of you and your child, you should be able to get your child back. However, this can be a complicated process that is not always successful.

Once the revocation period has passed, you will not be able to reinstate your parental rights after you give up a child for adoption.

Ask an Adoption Professional About Your Adoption Rights Today

Reach out to an adoption professional today to learn more about your birth mother adoption rights. Remember: Your professional is here to ensure you and your baby gets everything needed during the adoption journey.