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If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and are searching for abortion alternatives, adoption may be the right choice for you.

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Alternative Pregnancy Options

If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and know you don’t want to be pregnant but are looking for abortion alternatives, you may want to consider adoption.

Contact an adoption professional to get unbiased information about your alternative pregnancy options.

Even though you may wish you weren’t pregnant, you know that you’ll need to consider your unplanned pregnancy options in the coming days. Keep reading our FAQ to discover your choices and know that you aren’t alone.

I Don’t Want to be Pregnant, but I Don’t Want an Abortion – are There Alternatives to Abortion?

Pregnant people generally have three unplanned pregnancy options. These choices are:

It’s essential to understand that the only way you can cease a pregnancy is through abortion. There are no true alternatives to abortion that involve ending a pregnancy.

Abortion is the only way to stop a pregnancy, and it is only available in certain states and most often must occur within the first trimester of pregnancy.

Take some time to understand your alternative pregnancy options before determining whether you will carry the pregnancy to term. One way to do this is by talking to an unplanned pregnancy counselor.

What are Some Alternative Pregnancy Options?

When you’re looking for abortion alternatives, adoption is your best option.

You may determine that you are comfortable carrying the pregnancy to term but that you’re not ready to become a parent.  If that’s the case, adoption may be right for you. It gives you the chance to give your baby a better life and while getting back to the life path you had laid out to yourself.

But, if you decide that you aren’t ready to parent or cannot add to your family, you can always choose adoption.

What if I Don’t Want My Baby, but I Don’t Want an Abortion?

Adoption as an alternative to abortion is always a choice you can make.

By placing a child for adoption, you’re making a selfless choice. Choosing adoption will allow you to give your baby a life filled with opportunities.

How Adoption Works

When you choose adoption, you’ll have the opportunity to determine all aspects of your adoption plan with the help of an adoption professional. When you work with an adoption agency, you can expect to go through the following steps:

Step 1: Select an Adoptive Family for Your Baby

You have total control when choosing the family who will adopt your child. Once you choose an adoptive family for your baby, you can start to imagine the happy life your child will have with their adoptive parents.

Step 2: Prepare for Your Baby’s Adoption Placement

This next step involves a lot of paperwork and planning. An adoption attorney will help you through this process and answer questions about legal documents.

During this time, you’ll also get to know your baby’s adoptive family and start to create your hospital plan.

Step 3: Plan Your Life After Adoption

Your relationship doesn’t end once your baby is home with their adoptive family. Depending on the type of adoption you choose, you, your baby, and your baby’s adoptive family can continue to build your relationships. For example, open adoption allows you to determine the frequency of contact you’ll have with your child and your child’s adoptive family.

You never have to pay for the adoption process; sometimes, you can receive financial assistance. Your adoption agency will guide you through every adoption step with no obligation to give your consent for adoption until you’re ready.

These agencies can help you learn more about alternative pregnancy options like an adoption:

Contact an Adoption Professional for Help

Remember: Whatever you’re feeling at this time is valid.

You’re going through a challenging experience but can get outside help and support while weighing abortion alternatives. Contact an adoption professional for the support and guidance you deserve.