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If you are wondering “is it wrong to put my baby up for adoption?” the answer is no. Get help now.

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Is It Wrong to Put My Baby Up for Adoption?

Parents choose to place their children for adoption when they believe it is truly an opportunity for a better life for everyone involved. To a child you place for adoption and their family, you are a hero.

To learn more about the positives that can come from adoption, you can get information from an adoption professional here, or read more here.

Is it Wrong to Put My Baby Up for Adoption to Pursue Career or Personal goals?

No, it is not wrong to pursue educational, career goals, or personal goals, and it is not wrong to choose adoption while you pursue these things. Many women choose adoption because they know that parenting takes a significant amount of time, attention, and money— and working towards your personal or professional goals does as well.

Choosing adoption means that you can focus on your own goals, and you can find peace knowing that your child is receiving all of the time, attention, and opportunities that you want for them from a loving adoptive family who has been waiting for the opportunity to raise a child.

Is it Wrong to Give Your Kids Up for Adoption if You Can’t Take Care of Them?

No, it is not wrong to choose adoption if you are struggling or unable to take care of your children. Having a child can be overwhelming, especially if you are facing financial difficulty, facing health issues, caring for other family members, lack the time or energy to care for a child’s needs, or have other responsibilities or difficulties.

Accepting and admitting that you have limitations—financial, physical, or otherwise—shows that you are thinking practically and responsibly about what it takes to raise a child. Adoption is a brave choice that can give you and your child the opportunity to grow, thrive, and live the life that you imagine for both of you. And as an additional positive, an adoptive family will gain the child that they have been hoping for.

Is it Bad to Give Your Baby Up for Adoption? Am I Being Selfish?

No, choosing adoption is not bad or selfish. If you are considering adoption, it is likely because you want a better life for your child. Meanwhile, you are using your time, energy, and body to provide life to a child during pregnancy, and you are giving an adoptive family the opportunity to grow their family. While you may be more able to pursue other goals and priorities following the adoption process, you may also experience grief.

You are making sacrifices and spending your energy to create the best life possible for your child, their adoptive family, and yourself. In other words, you are showing strength and selflessness towards a child and an adoptive family.

Is it Wrong to Put Your Baby Up for Adoption Once You’ve Parented Them?

No. Only you know what is best for your child and your situation. If you are parenting a child and recognize that your path is not the best for you and your child, or that it is unsustainable, adoption can give you an option to make a better life for both you and your child.

Is Giving Babies Up for Adoption Bad for Them?

No. It is a common misconception that children who are placed for adoption will struggle compared to their peers, but with the proper support, babies who are placed for adoption have similar outcomes to their peers.

Parents who place their children for adoption often choose to because their circumstances are not ideal for parenting. You can find a family that fits your vision of an ideal life for your child, and in open adoptions, you can find peace in getting updates about your child’s health, happiness, and growth.

How Can I Find Help for Adoption?

You can get help with your adoption decision and begin the process with the help of an adoption agency. We’ve partnered with an adoption agency so that you can get free help from an adoption professional here.