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Does Putting a Baby up for Adoption Cost Money?

The legal and financial aspects of adoption can be complicated. That’s why we’re here to explain exactly what you need to know about them.

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can be stressful enough on its own. Once you factor in the cost associated with pregnancy and parenting, your situation may not feel manageable.

But, adoption financial assistance is available for you. It can cover the cost to put up a baby for adoption. And, the right agency will make sure you get the most assistance.

The legal and financial aspects of adoption can be complicated. That’s why we’re here to explain exactly what you need to know about them.

Read on to learn more about the cost to put a baby up for adoption and how those expenses can be covered with adoption financial assistance. To get more free information now, you can fill out this contact form today.

Does Putting a Baby up for Adoption Cost Money?

The simple answer: no. There is no financial cost to put a baby up for adoption. The adoptive family will be responsible for the adoption expenses.

The birth parents can receive financial assistance from the adoptive family, too. Although money cannot be directly exchanged between yourselves, the adoptive family can pay for the expenses that occur when you choose adoption.

This is where a licensed adoption agency comes in to help regulate and disperse the funds.

Putting a Child up for Adoption Cost with an Adoption Agency

Whatever your adoption situation is, consult with your adoption professional to understand what expenses the adoptive family can pay for.

Your adoption agency can provide you with all the services you need during your adoption process. Depending on your state’s laws and your specific situation, you may receive financial assistance for:

Pregnancy-Related Medical Expenses

Prenatal visits are crucial throughout the course of pregnancy. The adoptive family will cover your medical expenses throughout the pregnancy to ensure that you get the care you need for their health.

When it comes time to give birth, you won’t have to worry about pregnancy-related medical expenses if you find an adoption agency that will financially help you. There should be no worries when it comes to the cost to put a baby up for adoption.

Also, a child who has already been born will still need to keep up with medical care, which may also be covered by the adoptive family.

Counseling and Emotional Support

Almost all adoption agencies will provide you with some form of counseling that’s covered in the cost to put a baby up for adoption. The best national adoption agencies offer 24/7 counseling for birth parents and can help you throughout the adoption process.

Starting counseling or therapy after choosing adoption may be best for your mental health.

The sooner you begin healing, the better off you’ll be in the long run. The adoptive family will also pay for these services throughout the adoption process.

Birth Parent Scholarships

Depending on the adoption agency you work with, they may offer a birth parent scholarship for pursuing a degree in higher education after the adoption.

You can read some stories from scholarship recipients here who have worked with reliable adoption professionals.

Finding Adoptive Families

Almost all adoption agencies provide matching services, but the best national adoption agencies provide plenty of adoptive family profiles for you to choose from.

You are in complete control of this step of the process, just as you are for every step. You can view as many waiting parent profiles as you need until you find the family that matches your needs and wants for your child’s future.

Also covered in the cost to put a baby up for adoption for some reputable adoption agencies are family video profiles. The videos that hopeful families create allow you to see into their everyday lives:

Additional Financial Assistance for the Cost to Put a Baby up for Adoption

Having a baby can be an expensive journey from the beginning. But, the adoption process is completely free for you. There is no need in worrying what putting a child up for adoption costs.

Most adoption professionals want you to be as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

Any expectant birth parent going through pregnancy, whether planned or not, will have consistent help even beyond the hospital stay.

The following are additional expenses that are a part of the process, all of which the adoptive family can pay for:

Rent or Other Living Expenses

Although allowable living expenses vary based on state laws, hopeful adoptive families can usually pay for additional expenses that you incur. 

In most states, the adoptive family can cover rent for you if you can’t afford it.

Depending on the state you live in and your living situation, your adoption agency may be able to locate and secure housing for you. In some cases, this can mean you can get part of your housing paid for by the adoptive family or receive assistance from charitable programs during your pregnancy.

There are also other expenses that can cover the cost to put a baby up for adoption, such as:

If you are looking for an adoption agency that helps with housing and the cost to put a baby up for adoption, then you can contact an adoption professional today.

Food and Groceries

The adoptive family will pay for the food you need throughout your pregnancy to maintain the health of the unborn baby.

A child who has already been born who is being placed for adoption may also have their food expense covered throughout the adoption process.

Legal Expenses

When you work with a reputable adoption agency, you will not be expected to pay for your own lawyer. Instead, these expenses will be paid through the adoption agency.

Legal fees are unavoidable when it comes to adoption. There are many different circumstances that may significantly raise these fees. But, the adoptive family will be responsible for these legal fees.

Know Your State Laws Regarding Adoption Expenses

Each state has different laws outlining what expenses can be paid for or reimbursed to the birth parents from an adoptive family. 

Along with your legal representation, the adoption professional you work with will know in more detail what financial assistance options are available to you throughout pregnancy and the adoption process.

If you have already given birth and later decide adoption for your child is best, but you have already paid the pregnancy expenses, then you will generally not be reimbursed.

Financial assistance is available only during the adoption process.


The Child Welfare Information Gateway provides more information regarding what expenses are covered throughout adoption and which states allow for what expenses.

If you’re ready to begin your adoption journey or have more questions about what’s covered in the cost to put a baby up for adoption, then contact an adoption agency today.

Remember, adoption is always free for you as a birth parent.

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