Why Me? Navigating Your Emotions

An unexpected pregnancy brings with it a lot of emotion and change. While thousands of women go through this challenge each year, each one may feel completely alone.

The emotions and reactions a woman has to her unplanned pregnancy are actually quite common and seem to follow a similar pattern—shock, fear, denial and eventually a realization that she is pregnant. All of these are typical reactions. Even married couples can go through this process when pregnancy is unplanned. The explanations below will help you feel more at ease with what you may be feeling.

Why Counseling is so Important for Pregnancy

Counseling may be the last thing on your mind when you find out you are pregnant, but it could be the first thing you need. To find out why counseling is so important, we talked to Justin Keetch, a counselor at a young mothers’ high school. Pregnancy is a “traumatic life change,” he says. “If you go through any life change, it induces a whole lot of stress… It’s a lot easier to go through that and to deal with the stress if you have a guide.”

How to Break The News and to Whom

When 16-year-old Jenny called her big sister Sarah to tell her she was pregnant, she was floored, mostly because she did not know how to help her. But Sarah remember how proud she was that Jenny called to tell me, rather than letting the news work its way to her through the family grapevine.

All women with unplanned pregnancies go through the same dilemma. “How do I break the news?” “Whom should I tell?” and “Whom should I tell first?” The idea of telling those closest to you probably sends shock waves through your nervous system, but here are some tips that could make it a little easier for you.