Birth Father Emotions

“This was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life,” says Shawn, a birth father

When it comes to dealing with an unexpected pregnancy, much of the compassion, sympathy and focus is placed on the woman. But what about the father of the baby? How does he feel when the mother of his baby is considering adoption, and what are his responsibilities as the birth father?

It is common for birth fathers and birth mothers to experience many of the same emotions, such as grief, denial or sadness, but one of the strongest emotions that birth fathers feel is embarrassment.

What to do About The Birth Father

Imagine a play in which the plot centers on an unplanned pregnancy. You and your baby would be center stage. Behind you would be friends and family who support you and maybe your counselor or doctor. Off in the shadows of a dark corner would be an ominous figure, played by the baby’s father. By the time the play is over, he has clearly been identified as the villain.

As a society, have we been too quick to judge the men who share the responsibility for our unplanned pregnancies? Do we tend to put them off in corners and ignore their feelings or rights? There is a man involved in every unplanned pregnancy and he must deal with his own feelings and issues regarding the situation.